Decor Hire & Styling

Our collection is the heart of our company. We offer a full decor hire service as well as styling direction to bring that spark of creativity you need to see your personal vision realised. By piecing together every element of the story, we take each detail into account and meticulously create your final look.

Setup, Delivery & Collection

It’s our delight to ensure that you are completely immersed in all the good things on the day of your wedding or event, without having to lift a finger. We offer a full setup service of the items that you have hired from us as well as delivery and collection so that you can sit down, put your feet up, and breathe it all in.

Floral Design

When you combine a lush seasonal array of flowers and foliage, you create a fresh aesthetic that forms an essential part of your events unique beauty. We design arrangements that are nature-inspired and capture the essence of those being celebrated.

Sourcing & Custom Design

We are passionate about designing and creating products as well as sourcing unique decor pieces that will make your event just that little bit different. So if there is something that you can’t find on our website whether it be a regular item, something different or something you’d like custom made, then please let us know and we’ll assist as best we can to bring it to life.